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Why refinance your SMSF loan?

  • 1
    Review rates from multiple SMSF lenders to get the best deal for your situation.
    We are a mortgage broker that have access to multiple SMSF lenders, allowing us to find you the best interest rate and loan features, to help you save money and pay off your loan sooner.    
  • 2
    Interest rates have been rising, you may not be on the best rate.
    Every time the RBA changes the cash rate, the banks also adjust their mortgage interest rates, including SMSF rates.  There have been a number of rate rises over the past 18 months, are you on the best rate?  
  • 3
    Some lenders provide offset accounts for SMSF loans.
    SMSF's often have a sizable cash component not allocated to investments, so an offset account allows that cash to be used to offset the loan balance, reduce the amount of interest paid and reduce the time taken to pay off the loan.   
  • 4
    You have a SMSF loan with a major bank.
    The major banks stopped issuing SMSF loans after 2019, if you have a SMSF loan with one of them, it most likely has an interest rate above 9% or even 10%.   

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