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Finance broker with a difference

Hi, I’m Shane and I started Finance Story to partner with business owners, help them grow their businesses and achieve their personal and business goals. I structure specialised finance solutions, to suit the unique business and personal needs of business owners, but what makes me different to other brokers?

  • 25 years of manufacturing, supply chain and business consulting experience.
  • Unique insights into the positive impact that cleverly selected property, automation/robotics and technology solutions can have on a business’s long-term profit, cash flow and ability to grow.
  • I assist UK expats in obtaining mortgages in the UK, while they live and work in Australia.
  • My commercial and technical experience ensures that I understand exactly the benefit of any capital required and I am uniquely positioned to assist you in writing a compelling business case to present to the lender.
  • An adviser you can bounce ideas off, who helps you build up a vision for your business and creates the finance solutions to get you there.
  • Extensive problem solving experience, to help you find the best solutions for your business.

I look forward to hearing your story and helping you write your next chapter.

Funding growth through technology

I have a passion for helping businesses grow, particularly through technology. I use my knowledge and experience to:-

  • Help businesses understand the different improvement and technology options available.
  • Ensure businesses have built a strong and accurate business case to present to the lenders.
    • Understand the business operations, financials and growth opportunities.
    • Drive discussion on growth opportunities not already identified.
    • Review logic used to calculate project savings, ROI and impact on profit.
    • Ensure that the business case is simple and able to be understood by non technical readers, such as lenders.
  • Create innovative technology funding solutions that best suit the client.
    • Ensure that the project is funded with the most appropriate solution.
    • Project funding fits in with other funding already in place.
    • Funding solution allows for future funding requirements to meet businesses short, medium and long term goals.
  • Work with lenders to tailor funding solutions for technology projects, that are a win win for both the business and the lender.
    • Asset secured finance for autonomous vehicles such as AMR’s.
    • Helping lenders to view autonomous vehicles as high value, relocatable assets with a strong resale value.
    • Educating lenders in return on investment and the impact these projects have on company profit and cashflow.

How we work with you

Where we can help

Business Growth

Need extra cash to start up, purchase, operate or grow your business? There are many secured and unsecured solutions available, that may be suitable for your situation.

Technology Funding

Robotics, automation, autonomous vehicles, connected devices; for every technology solution there is a finance solution to fund it. I have a deep understanding of technology and how it benefits business and can help you build a strong case to present to a lender.

Property Development

Do you have a commercial or residential property development project you need funding for? Whether you’re building a warehouse, retail park or a group of townhouses, we can help structure the funding solution and find lenders interested in your project.

SMSF Loans

Are you looking to purchase a commercial or residential property in your super fund, or do have an existing SMSF loan that needs reviewing? We have a number of SMSF lenders to suit your needs. The process if often easier than a normal home loan.

UK Expat Mortgages

Are you a UK expat living in Australia, or an Australian national wanting to purchase property in the UK? Perhaps you want to purchase a buy to let as an investment. We can assist you in obtaining a UK mortgage with our UK partners.

Property Purchase

Do you need to purchase commercial or residential property as an owner occupier or investor? It can be difficult separating personal property from your business, especially if you need to use home equity to fund your business. We can help you structure your funding to best meet your needs.

Some of the finance solutions available

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